Core Classes

The Practice

A cathartic, soul-full, mind and body workout. We practice rhythmic movement that challenges us physically, as we push past our mental limitations. The Practice uses calisthenics and plyometric movements. We practice a fast pace, matched with slow intentional movements.

The Flow

Vinyasa style yoga that links movement and breath. The Flow is a beautiful dance of fluidity and motion, linked with flexibility, balance and strength. We practice the meditative movement as one.

The Restore

Restorative yoga poses that are held for longer periods of time. The Restore includes postures to reach the depths of tissue, fibre and to reset your internal systems. The Restore finds where stress and tension are held, so we can physically invite softness and flexibility. We practice stillness.

The Release

The Release is an Osho dynamic meditation that lasts one hour and has five stages. This meditation is an intense exercise in using physical movement to make mental breakthroughs towards finding freedom, silence and peace. We practice together.

The Presence

A strengthening Hatha inspired series that gives you time to land in a pose. Within these poses, we explore what it means to be present with uncomfortably, to create a conversation between mind and body acknowledging and working through discomfort and challenge. We breathe. We move. We stay in the moment.